December 1st, 2019

Our 2nd Specialty show (concurrent with San Joaquin KC) will be at the San Joaquin CA Fairgrounds in Stockton CA.

It is part of a 4 day cluster and so there are 5 chances at points – hopefully majors in both varieties, all days

Judges are as follows

  • Friday Nov 29 – Golden Valley KC – Mrs Linda Hurlebaus/Mrs Linda Hurlebaus
  • Saturday November 30 – Golden Valley KC – Kathyrn Cowsert/Grant Townsend
  • Sunday December 1 – Stockton Beagle Club
    – Breed – Liz Rosbach (Manahound Beagles) Click to see Bio

    – Sweepstakes – Mr Stephen CabralClick to see Bio
    – Junior Showmanship – Mr Stephen Cabral
  • Sunday December 1 – San Joaquin KC – Grant Townsend/Lesley Hiltz
  • Monday December 2 – San Joaquin KC – Stacey B Davis/Stacey B Davis

MB-F is the superintendent
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